Which Lawn Mower Brands Are Best UK?

The average lawn mower will set you back at least £100, so it’s important to invest wisely in a mower that’s manufactured by a reputable, trusted brand in the UK.


Here, I’ve shared my list of the top lawn mower brands in the UK. If you buy a mower from one of these manufacturers, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

✅ Key Takeaways:

  • Some of the best lawn mower manufacturers in the UK include Bosch, Einhell, Flymo, Gardena, Hyundai, John Deere, LawnMaster, Murray, and Webb.

  • When choosing between lawn mower brands, find out which brands offer the type of mower you want, read their customer feedback, and check their warranties.

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💎 Best Lawn Mower Brands UK 💎

In A-Z order, here’s a list of the best lawn mower brands that I trust and have had a great experience with in the UK:

Black & Decker

Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, hover, battery-powered


Black & Decker is an American manufacturer, established in Maryland in 1910, that sells power tools, home appliances, accessories, and home improvement products.


The Black & Decker lawn mower range features lightweight, powerful walk-behind electric lawn mowers, including cordless and cordless models in several different sizes, all in the brand’s signature orange and black colouring. Black & Decker also sells a hover mower and an electric lawn raker.


Price: £


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, hover, manual


Bosch might be best known for its washing machines, but it has since branched out into the lawn mower industry, and has become one of the most popular and successful manufacturers of residential push mowers.


Headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany, Bosch was founded in 1886 and now sells a range of home appliances, including washing machines, ovens, refrigerator, power tools, and machinery. Bosch’s lawn mowers are best known for their competitive price point, and include cordless, corded, and manual mowers for all preferences and situations.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, manual, robot, petrol


Einhell was founded in 1964 in Landau/Isar in Germany, and is one of the best-known names in the DIY industry. The company sells garden tools, handheld power tools, and stationary, and is known for its solid, lightweight equipment.


You should find a mower type to suit you sold by Einhell – the manufacturer sells cordless mowers, petrol mowers, manual mowers, and corded electric mowers. For tech-loving folks with a bigger budget to spend, Einhell also sells robot lawn mowers.

EGO Power

Price: £


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, petrol


EGO Power is an offshoot of a global manufacturing company that was founded in 1993. The US-headquartered company sells a range of corded and battery-powered outdoor tools for domestic, commercial, and specialist use.


The lawn mowers sold by EGO Power are known for their quality, durable designs, and they’re considered a step up from the conventional domestic mowers sold by other brands. Types of lawn mower models sold by the manufacturer include electric corded mowers, cordless mowers, and petrol mowers.


Price: £


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, hover, robot


Flymo is a brand in the Husqvarna group, which is known for its outdoor products, including mowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and other machinery. The company was founded over 50 years ago and is headquartered in County Durham, UK.


Flymo is a close rival to Bosch in the affordable lawn mower category, offering a range of great-value mowers that boast all the best features. Some of Flymo’s offerings are corded electric lawn mowers, cordless lawn mowers, hover mowers, and robot mowers.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, robot, manual


Gardena is a German company that was founded in Ulm, Germany, in 1961. The brand is best known for its high-quality gardening tools, which it sells to over 80 countries around the world. The manufacturer also sells pumps, watering systems, smart systems, robotics, and more.


Gardena’s lawn mowers are ergonomically built and are particularly beneficial for older gardeners, people with mobility issues, or folks who just want the easiest, most painless mowing experience. The manufacturer’s mower range encompasses electric rotary mowers, robot mowers, battery-powered lawn mowers, and manual push mowers.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Petrol, battery-powered


Hayter is one of the few British companies to have become a big name in the domestic lawn mower industry. The company was established in 1946 and has headquarters in Hertfordshire, where it manufactures lawn mowers, accessories, and power tools.


Hayter is particularly well-known for its petrol mowers, but it also sells battery mowers, and its products have become synonymous with a high-quality cut. Hayter’s premium gardening equipment is costlier than comparable models on the market.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, robot, petrol


Hyundai is best known for its cars, but this auto manufacturer has also branched out into power equipment, and has become renowned for its powerful, reliable products. The manufacturer has been operating since 1967 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Alongside lawn mowers, Hyundai sells trimmers, power tools, air compressors, vacuum cleaners, and more.


Hyundai’s mowers are on the pricier side and are generally better-built and longer-lasting than cheaper competitors. Some of the mowers sold by Hyundai include petrol mowers, corded electric mowers, battery-powered mowers, and robot mowers.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, robot, petrol


Honda is another manufacturer that you probably associate with cars, but another great brand behind a range of powerful lawn mowers. Honda was established in 1948 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Branching out from its auto offerings, Honda also sells lawn mowers, power tools, and lawn tractors.


Honda’s petrol mowers are especially well-known for their powerful performance and durable build. The manufacturer also sells robotic lawn mowers, electric lawnmowers, and cordless lawn mower models.


Price: £


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, hover, robot


LawnMaster is comparable to Flymo and Bosch in terms of quality features for a low upfront price. This affordable mower brand is manufactured by Cleva, a global company that makes vacuum cleaners, outdoor power equipment, and air movers.


Cleva’s LawnMaster range features cordless mowers, conventional electric mowers, hover mowers, hover mowers, and robotic mowers, as well as chainsaws, leaf blowers, and other garden power tools for domestic use – all in the orange and gray LawnMaster colours.

Mac Allister

Price: £


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, petrol


Mac Allister is a gardening equipment brand that’s owned by B&Q. The store sells lawn mowers, power drills, circular saws, and other machinery, equipment, and power tools, under the Mac Allister name.


Included in the Mac Allister lawn mower range are corded electric mowers, petrol mowers, and battery-powered mowers. Mac Allister has its limitations since you can only buy the brand’s products at B&Q (either online or in-store), so you can’t compare prices and get the best deals as you can with products sold widely online.

corded, lawn, mower,


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, petrol


McCulloch is an American brand founded in 1964, which is now part of the Husqvarna Group. The company is headquartered in Arizona, USA, and started out selling outboard boat engines before expanding its range to lawn and garden equipment, which is now its main focus.


The domestic McCulloch mower range encompasses petrol mowers (including self-propelled models) and robotic mowers. The manufacturer also sells lawn tractors for large lawns and commercial use.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, petrol


Mountfield is another UK-based lawn mower brand that’s known for providing excellent value for money in its domestic lawn mower offerings. Mountfield, a member of the STIGA Group, started trading in 1962 (first selling rotary mowers) and is headquartered in Plymouth, Devon.


Today, Mountfield’s most popular mower offering is its petrol mowers, but it also sells electric mowers, cordless mowers, and a dedicated roller mower range, as well as ride-on mowers for larger lawns.


Price: £


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, petrol


Murray is a lawn and garden equipment company that started out in 1919 as Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company, which manufactured bicycles and gardening machinery. The brand is now owned by Briggs & Stratton and Pon Holdings, and gardening equipment is its primary focus.


Murray’s mowers are known for their high-power performance, thanks to their exclusive use of Briggs & Stratton engines. The brand sells petrol mowers, corded electric mowers, cylinder mowers, battery-powered mowers, and tractor mowers. Murray’s low starting prices allow it to compete with other affordable brands on this list, like Flymo and Bosch.


Price: £


Lawn mower offerings: Battery-powered


Ryobi is a Japanese company founded in 1943 and based in Fuchu, Hiroshima. The company sells electric power tools, builders’ hardware, printing equipment, and lawn and garden equipment.


Ryobi mowers are a good choice for small lawns, making them popular for domestic use. The manufacturer is best known for its cordless lawn mowers in a variety of sizes and powers, as well as its scarifiers and grass trimmers, all in the trademark Ryobi bright yellow and black colouring.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, petrol, robot


German company STIHL was founded in 1926 and has headquarters in Baden-Württemberg. The company originally manufactured and sold chain saws, and its product range has since expanded to include lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and other garden machinery and power tools.


STIHL mowers are slightly pricier than competing models and are known for their ease of use and powerful engines. You can buy electric mowers, cordless mowers, ride-on mowers, petrol mowers (including a dedicated mulching mower series), and robot lawn mowers from the brand. STIHL also sells mowers for professional use.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Electric corded, battery-powered, petrol, manual


Webb is a British brand that specialises in garden machinery and tools. The company was founded in 1938 and is a registered trademark of G.J. Handy & Co Ltd. Webb is a mid-range brand, with slightly higher prices than the likes of Bosch and Flymo, and products built for practicality and easy maintenance.


The company sells 20+ different mowers in their domestic gardening range, from small, affordable corded electric mowers to high-end ride-on mowers. You can also buy cordless mowers, manual mowers, and petrol mowers – including self-propelled mowers – from Webb.


Price: ££


Lawn mower offerings: Battery-powered, robot


Worx is a brand that sells power tools and garden and lawn equipment from its distribution company, Positec Tool Corporation, which is based in Suzhou, China, and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1994 and is best-known for its mowers, trimmers, and chainsaws.


Worx has made a name for itself in the robot lawn mower industry, calling itself the “world robot mower specialist”. The company also sells cordless electric lawn mower models in several different sizes.

Yard Force

Price: £


Lawn mower offerings: Battery-powered, petrol, robot


Yard Force is a gardening and power tools brand by SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., which was founded in 1978 in China. The brand sells a variety of tools and machinery, including mowers, pressure washers, saws, trimmers, and leaf blowers.


The Yard Force mower collection is in the low-to-mid price range and encompasses petrol mowers, robot mowers, and cordless lawnmowers. The mowers are known for their surdy design and good manouverability.

🤷‍♂️ How To Choose A Lawn Mower Brand

There are a few different ways to choose between the different lawn mower brands in the UK:

✂️ Check Out Their Products

Your first step is to find out what products are sold by a given manufacturer, and whether they sell the mower you want.


It’s generally easier to search for the type of lawn mower you’re looking for, then see which of the best brands on this list manufacture that mower type.


Compare models, and decide on which have the best features for your budget, and which you prefer the look of.

⭐️ Read Customer Reviews

To find out more about how a manufacturer and its products live up to customer expectations, read customer reviews.

I recommend reading:

  • Customer reviews on Amazon product pages, which tell you about the quality, usability, and durability of a specific mower model.

  • Customer reviews on websites like Trustpilot, which will give you a broader view of a manufacturer’s customer service and support.

You should always take reviews with a pinch of salt, but you’ll start to pick up trends if a particular brand or product isn’t worth your money, which can save you from a costly mistake when you come to make a purchase.

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🧰 Check Their Warranties

Finally, visit the manufacturer’s website and check their warranties/guarantees. Prioritize manufacturers that offer warranties of at least 1 year, and avoid those that don’t offer any warranty at all (a red flag in my eyes).


The average warranty for residential lawn mowers in the UK is 2 years. Some brands may extend your warranty by 1 additional year if you register your mower on their website, which is well worth doing to give you that extra year of protection.


If you’re buying from another website, you can also check to see if this website has any guarantees. For instance, Amazon gives you a 30-day right of return for most of its products.

🏁 Final Word

Just because you’ve seen a mower by a particular manufacturer in your local B&Q, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth your money.


I strongly recommend shopping online when you come to buy a lawn mower because it makes it easy to learn more about the manufacturer and compare features, prices, and customer reviews before you spend your money.

That means you can usually get a better deal from a better brand, so it’s worth holding on to your money while shopping in-store. Don’t get tempted by a deal that seems too good to be true – it probably is!


What brand of lawn mower is the most reliable?

Some of the most reliable lawn mower brands in the UK are Hyundai, Bosch, Flymo, and Murray. You can learn about the reliability of a specific mower by reading customer reviews. A warranty of at least 1 year also indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s reliability.


Which lawn mower brands should I avoid?

I don’t think you should avoid any lawn mower brands outright because even if the brand sells one mower that’s poor quality and unreliable, that doesn’t mean the entirety of the manufacturer’s products aren’t worth your money. For instance, many brands sell more affordable models that are more cheaply built and don’t last as long as their higher-quality, more expensive models. Do your research, avoid mowers that have more bad reviews than good, and consider upgrading to a better-quality model if you want a mower that’s guaranteed to last.


Should I buy a lawn mower from a new manufacturer?

You can often get a great deal if you buy a lawn mower from a new, up-and-coming manufacturer rather than buying from a well-known brand. However, the risk is that you don’t know much about the brand or the quality of the mower, and with few customer reviews to go off, you won’t be aware of the mower’s usability and longevity. If you do decide to buy from a new manufacturer, make sure the brand is legit and the mower is covered by a good warranty.


Which lawn mower brands are based in the UK?

Lawn mower brands that are based in the UK include Mountfield, Flymo, Mac Allister (owner by B&Q), Hayter, and Webb.


Which lawn mower brands have the longest-lasting mowers?

Some of the mower brands selling the longest-lasting mowers are Bosch, Worx, Hyundai, and Flymo. You can generally rely on these brands to manufacture quality machinery that’s designed to stand the test of time (although quality does, of course, depend on the mower model and how much you pay upfront).