What’s The Average Cordless Lawn Mower Battery Charging Time?

So, you’ve just bought a new cordless lawn mower and you can’t wait to put it to good use. But for how long will you need to charge the battery first?


I currently own a cordless lawn mower and have tested more than 12 other cordless models for TheTurfDoctor.co.uk, so I’m in a good position to share everything you might want to know about the average lawn mower battery charging time. Let’s go!

✅Key Takeaways:

  • The average charging time for a cordless lawn mower battery is 1-2 hours.

  • Some lawn mower batteries may charge in as little as 45 minutes, while others might take as long as 4 hours to charge to full capacity.

  • Factors affecting a cordless mower battery’s charging time include the battery size and condition, the charger power and efficiency, and the depth of the battery discharge.

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🤷‍♂️ How Long Does It Take To Charge A Cordless Lawn Mower Battery?

On average, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours to charge a typical cordless lawn mower battery, assuming it has a capacity of around 4 to 6 Ah and is charged with a standard charger. However, larger-capacity batteries may take longer, and faster chargers with higher power outputs can reduce charging times. I’ve discussed the factors affecting lawn mower battery charging times in more detail below.

⏲ Average Lawn Mower Battery Charging Times For Popular Brands

Here are some of the common cordless mower brands and their average battery charging times:

  • Bosch: The 18V battery for the Bosch EasyMower 18V-32-200 Cordless Lawn Mower takes 95 minutes to charge to 100%.

  • Einhell: The Einhell 18V 3Ah battery, used in the 30cm Einhell Power X-Change models, takes 2 hours to charge from empty.

  • Flymo: The two 20V 2.6Ah lithium-ion batteries for the Flymo EasiStore 340 Li Cordless 4-Wheel Roller Lawnmower take up to 180 minutes to charge to full capacity.

  • Greenworks: The 24V 1.5Ah Greenworks battery charges in 45 minutes; the 24V 2Ah battery charges in 60 minutes; the 24V 4Ah battery charges in 120 minutes; and the 24V 5Ah battery charges in 150 minutes.

  • Hyundai: The 40V lithium-ion battery for the Hyundai Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Roller Lawn Mower charges from empty in 80 minutes.

  • LawnMaster: The charging time for the 24V 4Ah batteries for the LawnMaster MX 24V 34cm Cordless Lawnmower is about 60 minutes from empty.

  • Murray: The Murray 2.5Ah battery charges in about 55 minutes, while the 5.0Ah reaches full capacity in about 110 minutes.

  • Sprint: The 18V lithium-ion battery for the Sprint 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower takes 110 minutes to charge to full capacity.

  • Stihl: Charging a Stihl 36V lithium-ion AP battery (used in the RMA 253 Cordless Lawn Mower)with an AL 301 charger takes 60 minutes.

  • Webb: The 4Ah battery used in the Webb WEV20LM33 20V Push Cordless Lawn Mower takes around 160 minutes to charge to full capacity.

  • WORX: The 40V 4Ah batteries used in the WORX Self-propelled cordless lawn mower take 2 hours to charge from empty.

  • Yard Force: The 40V 2.5Ah battery for the Yard Force 32cm Cordless Lawnmower takes 90 minutes to charge fully from empty.

Note: We haven’t shared all lawn mower battery sizes, so the information above relates to the specific battery sizes mentioned only. Charging time also depends on the charger type (the manufacturer may sell more than one).

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📑 Factors Affecting Cordless Lawn Mower Battery Charge Time

Here are a few of the factors I’ve identified that affect charging times for the batteries in cordless lawn mowers:

🚦 Battery Type

The type of battery chemistry used in your lawn mower’s battery can significantly affect its charge time. Lthium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries are the two most common types of cordless lawn mower batteries. Lithium-ion batteries generally charge faster than lead-acid batteries because they can accept a faster rate of current.

📐 Battery Size

Battery size is another factor that could possibly affect the charging time. A larger battery can store more charge, and, once the battery runs low, it’ll require more electrical energy to replenish the charge. For example, a 5Ah lawn mower battery battery will generally take longer to charge compared to a 2Ah battery, assuming all other factors like charger power and battery chemistry remain the same. The size of your mower’s battery is generally linked to your lawn mower size and power.

⚡️ Charger Power

Charger power, which is usually measured in watts (W), directly affects the charging time of your lawn mower’s battery. A charger with higher power output delivers more electrical energy to the battery per unit of time, enabling it to charge faster. For instance, a 100W lawn mower battery charger will usually charge a battery faster than a 50W charger. We’ve found that most cordless lawn mower battery chargers are 100 watts.

♻️ Charger Efficiency

I’ve found that modern cordless mower battery charging devices are much more efficient than the original chargers made 5-10 years ago. The better quality and more efficient your charger, the faster it should charge your lawn mower’s battery.

☠️ Battery Condition

Ever noticed that something you might charge every day, like your phone, starts to take longer and longer to charge over time? That’s because the age and overall condition of a battery can affect its charge time. Over time, with regular use and general wear-and-tear, batteries begin to lose their capacity to hold a charge, leading to longer charge times. While there are ways to prolong your cordless lawn mower’s battery life, there’s unfortunately not a lot you can do about an old battery with a super long charging time apart from replacing it with a new one.

🪫 Depth of Battery Discharge

How deeply your lawn mower battery is discharged before recharging can also affect charge time. If you allow your battery to run to completely empty before you charge it, it’ll take longer to charge compared to if you’re recharging a battery with a higher remaining charge. As with most battery-operated devices, we recommend that you don’t let your lawn mower’s battery completely drain before you charge it – not only will this lead to longer charging times, but repeatedly allowing the battery to drain to 0% will also wear the battery down faster than normal.

🔌 How To Speed Up Cordless Lawn Mower Battery Charging Time

Unfortunately, there’s no miracle solution to speed up your cordless lawn mower’s battery charging time. It is what it is: with your given charger and battery, the time it takes to get the battery charged can’t really be adjusted.


That said, there are a couple of suggestions I have that might work for you, depending on your situation:

  • Use a higher-power charger. If, and ONLY IF, your lawn mower battery allows it, try charging the battery in a higher-power charger than the one you already have. A charger with more watts can deliver energy to the battery faster, reducing charge time. It’s important to check with your mower manufacturer if you’re not sure whether or not you can use a more powerful charger, ideally by the same brand, to charge your mower batteries.

  • Do a partial charge. Partially charging lithium-ion batteries for a lawn mower is generally safe and won’t affect its ability to hold power. So, if you need to mow your lawn but have to charge your battery first, just do a partial charge now, then a full charge once you’ve done your mowing. Note: It’s best not to partially charge a nickel-cadmium battery due to the possibility of the “memory effect“.

  • Avoid charging in cold locations. Plan to charge your lawn mower battery in your unheated garage on a cool autumn morning? That’s probably not the wisest idea if you want to keep charging times to a minimum. Cold temperatures can slow down charging, so charge the battery indoors.

  • Buy a new battery. If your lawn mower has a shorter battery life and longer charging times, your best solution may be to upgrade to a new battery. Likely, if your cordless lawn mower is more than 5 years old, the manufacturer has developed better battery technology since your purchase, so your new battery should charge faster than your old one ever did.

🏁 Final Word

I wrote this article because I couldn’t find any other website that went into specific detail about the charging time for the batteries used in cordless lawn mowers. Hopefully, I’ve helped you find the information you were looking for.


One thing I want to stress before we finish: make sure to use the correct charger for your lawn mower at all times. Using the wrong charger simply to speed up the charging process could be dangerous, and could kill your battery. If you’re unsure whether or not you can upgrade to a better charger sold by your lawn mower brand, contact customer service to find out for certain before you spend your money.