How to Start a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

Got a new battery-powered mower and wondering how to start it up?


In this quick article, we’re outlining the 5 steps to start a cordless lawn mower.


More of a visual learner? In the video below, Brad demonstrates how to start a battery-powered mower.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Check That The Battery is In Place & Charged

Your battery-powered lawn mower will only start if the battery is in place and charged.


You can locate the battery in the battery compartment, which typically sits on top of the mower at the front.


Open the lid of the battery compartment and remove the battery. Some lawn mower battery models allow you to check the charge by pressing a button, which will display a light to display the battery status.


If the battery needs charging, or you’re not sure but you haven’t charged it in a while, start there. Use the charger that came with your lawn mower.

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Step 2: Check That The Fuse is In

Next, check that the fuse is in place inside the machine.


All battery lawn mowers have a removable fuse. The purpose of this is to protect the mower parts in the case of a power surge or another battery issue.


Your mower won’t start if the fuse isn’t in place inside the battery compartment.

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Step 3: Ensure the Machine is Switched On

Many battery lawn mower models have a power on/off switch inside the battery compartment.


A common mistake we’ve seen is people not switching this inside switch on, then wondering why their cordless lawn mower won’t start.


Flip the switch to “on” (this may also be indicated by a straight vertical line) to get started.

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Step 4: Press the “On” or “Start” Button

Finally, after donning the appropriate safety gear (ear defenders, closed-toe shoes, etc.), press the “on” or “start” button on the mower handle to turn it on.


This button is typically round and brightly coloured, and it may say “on” or “start”, so it’s hard to miss!

Step 5: Engage the Blades

Your mower engine should now be switched on, but to engage the blades, you’ll need to press or squeeze the bar (known as the lower handle or the safety lever) up towards the handle.


You can then walk forwards, pushing the mower, and it’ll cut your grass as you go.

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🏁 Final Word

Hopefully, this quick, to-the-point article told you everything you needed to know about starting a battery lawn mower.


The process isn’t all that different from starting an electric mower. There’s just a battery compartment with a few extra bits that you might not be familiar with if you’ve only ever used a mower with a power cord.


Cordless lawn mower still won’t start? You might have a bigger problem on your hands – in this case, check out our video guide on how to troubleshoot a battery lawn mower that won’t start.