How To Charge A Lawn Mower Battery

Just bought a new cordless lawn mower and wondering how the battery charging process works? Or do you have a riding mower with a battery that needs charging?


In this guide, we’ve discussed how to charge the battery in push and riding lawn mowers.

✅Key Takeaways:

  • To charge the battery in a push cordless mower, set up the battery charger on a flat surface and remove the mower’s battery from its housing, then place the battery in the charger, plug the charger in, and charge.

  • To charge the battery in a riding lawn mower, lift the mower’s bonnet, attach the red charging lead to the positive battery terminal and the black charging lead to the negative battery terminal, switch the charger on, then wait for the battery to charge.

Table of Contents

⚡️ How To Charge A Push Lawn Mower Battery: 6 Simple Steps

Most cordless push mowers for domestic use have a rechargeable battery or set of batteries that can be removed from the battery and charged in a separate charger.


Here’s how to charge cordless lawn mower batteries:

Step 1: Set Up The Battery Charger

Take your lawn mower battery charger out of storage and place it on a flat, hard surface. Don’t plug it in yet.


Step 2: Remove The Mower’s Battery

Remove the battery from the mower. Open the hatch above the battery slot (usually on the top of the mower deck in the middle). Push the sides of the battery case until the battery pops out of the slot.


Step 3: Put The Battery Into The Charger

Slide or press the battery into the charging unit, depending on the unit’s design. The battery should slot or click in place.


Step 4: Plug In The Charger & Charge

Plug the charger lead into a power outlet and switch it on. Depending on your mower model, you might notice lights displaying on the charging unit or batteries, and you might hear the whirring of a fan.


Step 5: Wait For The Battery To Fully Charge

Leave the battery in the charger until charging is complete. The average mower battery charging time is 60-120 minutes, depending on the battery size and age, and your mower model. Your mower’s battery or charger might flash green to indicate that charging is complete.


Step 6: Return The Battery To The Mower

Return the charged battery back to the battery slot and push it down until it clicks in place. You can now use your lawn mower again as normal.

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🚜 How To Charge A Riding Lawn Mower Battery: Step-By-Step

Most petrol riding lawn mowers have a battery-powered start. You’ll need to charge the battery if the mower has been in storage for a long time and the battery has drained completely.


Follow these steps to charge a riding lawnmower battery:

Step 1: Access The Mower’s Battery

Turn off your mower’s engine and leave it to cool (if it was in use). Put on a pair of protective gloves and safety glasses. Lift the mower’s bonnet to access the battery underneath. Riding mower batteries are typically near the engine, or sometimes below the seat.


Step 2: Set Up The Battery Charger

Place your 10-amp lawn mower battery charger on the floor, close enough that the charging leads can reach the mower. You might need to change the charger’s voltage setting if it has multiple options – 12 volts is suitable for most modern riding mowers. Don’t plug the charging unit in yet – the current could trigger a spark that causes the battery to explode.


Step 3: Connect The Leads

Check that the positive and negative battery terminals on the mower are clean. If they’re rusty or dirty, use a dry cloth to wipe them down. First connect the red cable to the positive battery terminal, then connect the black cable to the negative battery terminal. The terminals should be coloured so you know which lead to attach to which terminal.


Step 4: Plug The Battery Charger In

Plug your battery charging unit into a power outlet (use an extension cord if necessary). The battery may display a coloured light or make a noise to indicate that it’s charging.


Step 5: Wait For The Mower Battery To Charge

Leave the battery to charge. 10-amp battery chargers should charge a lawnmower battery within around 1 hour.


Step 6: Detach & Unplug The Charger

Once the mower battery is fully charged, switch off and unplug the charging unit, then detach the battery cables (starting with the negative cable) and close the mower’s bonnet. It should now be ready to use.

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🗓 How Often Should You Charge A Lawn Mower Battery?

You should charge a cordless push mower battery after every use or every two uses, depending on your lawn size.


The frequency of charging a cordless push-powered lawn mower battery varies depending on your lawn size and the mower’s battery capacity. On average, for a small to medium-sized lawn, you should be able to charge the battery every 1 or 2 mows. For larger lawns (up to half an acre or more), you might need to recharge the battery once or twice during mowing, depending on the battery’s capacity and the grass height.


There’s no specific charging frequency for a ride-on mower battery because if you frequently use the mower, you’ll never need to charge it. However, you might need to charge the battery after a specific period of no use (such as over winter). We also recommend charging the battery before storing the mower away over winter to help maintain battery health and prevent it from completely dying.


Regardless of your mower type, make sure to consult your user manual for specific recommendations related to your mower’s battery and charging requirements.

🔋 Can You Overcharge A Lawn Mower Battery?

Yes, you can overcharge a lawn mower battery if you have an older battery charger that doesn’t come with safety features to switch to maintenance or trickle charge mode to prevent overcharging. Modern battery chargers have these features, so you don’t need to worry about overcharging your mower’s battery if it’s a relatively new purchase.


We’ve discussed the dangers of overcharging a lawnmower battery, as well as how to avoid these outcomes, in the following guide: Can You Overcharge A Lawn Mower Battery?

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📑 5 Expert Lawn Mower Charging Tips

Here are a few final tips for charging your lawn mower battery:

  • Use the correct charger. Using an incorrect charger could overcharge or damage the battery.

  • Make sure the battery terminals are clean. This will ensure a good electrical connection.

  • Charge the battery before storage. If you plan to store the mower for a long time without use (such as over winter), charge the battery before doing so to prevent you from having to try and revive a dead battery before your next use.

  • Store the charger correctly. When the charger isn’t in use, store it in a dry and safe location, and coil the cables neatly to prevent damage.

  • Only charge the battery when necessary. No need to overcharge. Most riding lawn mowers won’t need charging at all if they’re used regularly. Push mower batteries typically have a 35-40-minute lifespan, so if your lawn only takes 10 minutes to mow, there’s no need to recharge the battery after every use during peak mowing season.

🏁 Final Word

Hopefully, this article has provided all the information you need to know how to charge a lawn mower battery.

To reiterate, always check the instructions in your user manual to get specific charging guidance for your mower type and brand. Different manufacturers may provide different instructions, so always check before you do something that might possibly damage the mower or charger.


Can I charge my lawn mower battery with a car charger?

Yes, you can charge your lawn mower battery with a car battery charger. Car batteries and lawn mower batteries both generally use 12-volt chargers, so it’s safe to use a car battery to charge your mower. However, you should never use your car to charge your mower – a car’s alternator is too powerful and will pose a safety risk.


How do you charge a dead lawn mower battery?

You can try charging a dead lawn mower battery for up to 8 hours, then see if you can switch your mower on. If the mower still won’t switch on, it suggests the battery is completely dead and you need to buy a new one.


Can I charge a mower battery without disconnecting it?

Yes, many mower batteries can be charged without disconnecting them from the mower. That means you can simply connect the charger to the battery in the mower. However, many push lawn mowers have a separate battery charger, and you’ll need to remove the batteries and place them in the charger to charge separately from the mower.


Will running a lawn mower charge the battery?

Yes, if you have a petrol mower with a battery-powered electric start, running the mower will keep the battery charged – just like running your car helps to keep its battery charged. However, if the mower sits in storage for a few weeks, the battery may drain completely and has no way to recharge itself. In this case, you’ll need to recharge the battery in order to use the mower’s electric start function (or just start the mower the old-fashioned way with the pull cord).